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Professional Tile Installation Spokane, Washington


Scott’s Custom Construction provides professional tile installation contractors in Spokane, WA. We specialize in installing ceramic and porcelain tile and bathroom remodeling in Spokane, Washington. We do complete bathroom remodeling from tub wall tiling to replacing the shower pan.  We're local tile setters in Spokane, WA.

 Nowadays, tile is installed in many buildings and homes. Your home will be cooler in hot weather when you have tile installed. Tiles are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, porches, laundries, hallways, and sometimes living rooms. 


 Whether tiles last a long time and are durable depends significantly on how they are installed and which waterproofing system is used. Tile can make the perfect decoration material. “From framing a shower niche to accentuating a fireplace surround, Schluter Systems-Profiles inspire endless creativity while providing superior edge protection to tiled walls.” There are plenty of finishes, colors, sizes, and shapes. So, look around for the tile you would love to have in your home.


Floor and Wall Tile Installation Services

Preparing the subfloor thoroughly before installing the tile floor ensures it lasts years. We ensure we have all the necessary materials for your installation and typically pick them up for you. Following the setting of the tile, we fill the grout lines. After everything is thoroughly dry, we apply a sealant.


Our Working Procedure



To install tiles, we survey the area. It is essential to check the floors for water seepage and uneven spaces that might damage the tiles in the future. Whenever there is a problem, we fix it before proceeding. If there is a problem with the existing plumbing, we will use a licensed plumber to repair the issue.


Our clients’ input greatly influences this part, including their budget, color preference, material choice, etc. We prefer our customers to choose the tile and tile edging (profiles). We can deliver all of the supplies. 


Lastly, your tiles will be expertly installed in a given timeframe. You can expect a neat and even finish, giving your home your desired look.


If you are looking for quality tile installers in Spokane, WA, call Scott’s Custom Construction. We have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to ensure that you get the most out of your time and investment.

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