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Professional Home Inspection Repair Services:


Increasing Your Property's Value


Are you in need of skilled home inspection repairs? Our team offers expertise in a wide range of services, including home improvements, repairs, remodeling, restorations, and building from the ground up. We specialize in addressing items on your home inspection report, ensuring your property is maintained and repaired to the highest standards.

Our Home Inspection Repairs Process

  1. Initiating Inspection: Start with a licensed Home Inspector to assess your property comprehensively.

  2. Consultation and Repair Planning: Contact us to discuss the specific repairs or replacements you need. 

  3. Our expertise lies in a variety of home repair services. While we don’t handle plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work ourselves due to specialized licensing requirements, we’re happy to assist you in connecting with trusted, licensed professionals in these trades.


As a local home repair company, we focus on repairing and remodeling your home according to your needs and preferences. We're passionate about making your journey through home repairs smooth and exceptionally rewarding.

Why Choose Us for Home Inspection Repairs?


  • Expertise in Spokane: Located in Spokane, we also serve the Spokane Valley area.

  • Comprehensive Services: We cover many home improvement needs, from minor repairs to complete remodeling.

Handyman and General Contractor Services


  • Siding Services: Expertise in different types of siding installation and repairs.

  • Rough Carpentry: Specializing in the foundational carpentry work essential for structural projects and large-scale constructions.

  • Roofing Services:  Specializing in roof framing, decking, truss repairs, shingle repairs, and soffit and fascia repair.

  • Tiling and Flooring: Skilled in floor and wall tiling and wood floor installation and repair.

  • Painting: Professional interior and exterior painting services.

  • Finish Carpentry: Specializing in detailed carpentry work to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

  • Deck Repair: Expert repair services to rejuvenate and maintain your decks.

  • Spokane Valley Handyman Services: We offer tailored services for the Spokane Valley area, covering all aspects of home maintenance and repair.

  • Remodeling Services: Professional remodeling solutions for transforming spaces according to your needs and preferences.

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