Stair Repair And Installation in Spokane

Are you searching for a Spokane Stair Repair Company or wooden stair Installers? If Yes, then look no further because Scott’s Custom Construction are stair replacement contractors. We do Stair Repair and Installation in Spokane, WA.


Having beautiful stairs within or outside your house can help you to get an iconic look of your home. Being one of the most experienced and professional stair contractors in Spokane, we can help you repair and install your house's wooden stairs. Stairs are an essential component of your property, and professionally installed stairs can help you improve your house's aesthetics.


At Scott's Custom Construction, we understand that your staircases are also a part of your property, so we try our best to give them a personalized touch so that they fit perfectly with the vision of your house. We pay special attention to the decor, style, and layout of your stairs so that they actually look like a part of your property and not something that is just there out of necessity.


Since your staircase will be used daily, it needs to be durable, and it should be made up of good material. As we mostly deal in wooden stairs, we make sure to use the finest quality wood that is durable and can be styled according to your property's theme.


Our Highlighted Services Are:


Stair Repair Spokane: Broken or damaged stairs can be very dangerous, especially if you have wooden stairs in your house. It is crucial to get your stairs repaired as soon as possible to ensure your family and children's safety. We are the best wood stair repair company in Washington, and we assure you to we provide quality services at affordable costs.

Stair Installation Spokane: If you are getting new stairs installed in your house, you have to make sure they are correctly installed. Being the most experienced stair contractors in Spokane, we will professionally install new stairs in your property and will make them actually look like a part of your property.

Railings: If you have children and older people in your house, then you need to install railings on your stairs so that they can take support when they are using the stairs. We are specialized in installing outside railings and inside wall-mounted railings. We will professionally install your railings so that your children and elders can get extra support when they climb up the stairs, and it also ensures their safety as the chances of falling from stairs are significantly reduced when you have railings installed.

Stair Replacement: If you are tired of your existing wood staircase and want to replace your wooden stairs with a new set to get your home's desired look, then our stair replacement services are meant for you. We will professionally remove your existing staircase without damaging other sections of your property and will install a new staircase of your desired color and style.


If you live in Spokane and need professional stair contractors, please feel free to give us a call to get a free quote for stair repair in Spokane.